Who Is Danielle Does It All?


I have to be the most outgoing, leading, wanna be out in the front, scariest person I know. I've wanted to start a blog for a long time. Fear held me back.

I enjoy writing. It actually allows me a chance to just be still and listen to my thoughts. But still I'm like “what the hell”? A writer? I have to admit, I have often wonder if people will "get" me. Like, how do I come across? Can I be a little ratchet and professional at the same time? Will I go too far (of course you will)? Can I truly be myself and still be effective? Honey, it don't matter. This is me and I'm going to try my hardest not to be offensive but I can't make any promises. And I'm not a professional blogger, yet, so take your expectations off of me and allow me to grow! lol

Now that I'm not scared anymore...Let's begin.


I'm Danielle Irene Brown. Full-time Extraordinaire. It amazes me some time to know how many gifts I've been blessed with. To the point, I'm like you have no more room left to add anything else. I think I'm set on my titles and am ready to put work into executing and crushing every single goal!


I'm a Makeup Artist who's been in the industry for 8 years. This alone has allowed me so many connections and opportunities over the years. It helped my career blossom. I'm the owner and Mentor at Makeup Craze Beauty based in Jacksonville FL. The salon consumes a large part of my time. Sprinkle in my personal endeavors and you have a very busy woman, who does it ALL! There were times I would lay around all day hoping and wishing to be doing ANYTHING! Just wanted to get out the house and out of my head of feeling like a total failure.

Oh, but when God gave me a vision and I actually listened. I began to create a life that was in my head. Like it could actually happen and all my dreams could become a reality. Life has given me horrible experiences. Some caused by other people and some caused by myself. I made the decision to not let it dictate who I'm becoming. I want to live a life uplifting, motivating and helping women create the life they desire from any past experience. Believe me, I know what emotionally painful events can do to your life....without healing. 

You know I almost gave up the dream of being a blogger until I began to gain clarity about where I want to go and what God needs me to do. Something about truly being fulfilled. Which finally brings us to Danielle does it all.

“Danielle does it all” means that I have accepted the fact that I'm multifaceted. There's no way I won't touch everything I'm destined to before I leave this earth. It means this girl is fighting her way to true healing because she has work to do. 

Listen, I used to feel so sorry for myself, it always gave me an excuse for when I failed. Although most of the time I failed, it was from not trying because of fear or just plain out lack of preparation. I'm going to use my life as an example to show of how God will carry you through. I’ve never lost anything without gaining so much more!

So, I invite you to join me on this journey as we explore all things beauty (of course), fashion and the effects it had once I lost 130lbs, and travel. We'll laugh together because there will be a lot of that and as we'll encourage each other past every limit we set for ourselves and understand that our very existence, means something. Let this blog be a push for you to believe in yourself and stop the excuses.

So yes, we scared. But we’re doing it anyway.

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