Are You Going Up?

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This is about to be a quick read.

Let’s get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

That’s the problem, people aren’t comfortable doing certain things that they don’t necessarily love to do, to get to where they need to be! Some of us are living like we are entitled to all the wonderful things of life with no work. Ugh.

You can struggle now or struggle forever.

You have to look at the bigger picture and say to yourself, I got goals! I mean, if you have them. *shrugs*

I want to help women overcome, but y’all have to give a sista something to work with.

In the beginning of my career, I needed nothing more than to survive and that’s what fueled me. Honestly, that’s what still fuels me!

I hardly knew I was going to be a makeup artist 8 years ago. I just knew I loved all things Beauty and needed money.

What are the goals in life?

Doesn’t failing at life scare you? Now don’t get me wrong..of course, everything won’t go as planned. You’ll have days that you want to quit but that’s when you need to succeed kicks in.


You gone stay down there or are we going up together? Your choice...because I’m going!

Danielle BrownComment